God lives inside the amplifier?

For some strange reasons, the artists I like, musicians I like or any other creative people I like, never really believed in God.

By the way, I never knew about their religious views, character or viewpoint, till I became 37. An age when I started to analyze their skills and amount of hard work they put in to reach that stage. So, till the age 37, I admired them for their creation and not for the reason – if they were religious, good family man and a faithful husband.

I guess their belief would be….. “fewer people in life as a support system, the more hardworking and creative one become”. By people I mean, Saints and God included.

The astonishing fact is that the people who do not consider there is God don’t seem to be really struggling in life. They know the value of hard work and perseverance. They are some of the people who made and did some incredible things in this world.

Like the one who created Windows. Some claim he is an atheist and some other claim he is agnostic… And I am writing all my stories and blogs on his creation, MS Word.

Now, should I take a box of Windows starter pack and keep it in my puja room? Or I respect and appreciate the creator of windows? I don’t know…

(Now my religious friends would argue that it is all the work of Satan. In the end, Satan will take them to hell when he dies….)

Dan Brown had said in an interview that, there was a time when people used to consider thunder and lightning as God!

I have heard people saying, any natural calamity is a curse from God. Any bad thing happening to a person is because of his bad doings…. And God want to teach him a lesson?

Most interesting fact is that all these things happen in places where there are a large number of uneducated and poor citizens.

I have seen more western movies than Indian. I have read more books written by western authors than Indian, but never heard anywhere anyone saying to their villains in their movies or books…..”Mr. —— , God is there, he will punish you. He will not leave you. One day you will get ……”

Okay, why all these thoughts came is because I got reminded of something happened 23 years ago.

Me and my band members, we were waiting for the minibus to take us to the venue for a live show. We waited there for more than 30 minutes.

After some time, I got tired and I sat on my guitar amplifier.

(I always used to do it if there is no chair available because my guitar amp was so sturdy and it still works after nearly 24 years of abuse from my hands)

Seeing this, our manager asked a band member to tell me not to sit on the amp saying I should respect the amplifier.

Now, this is my amp, I bought it…… what is his problem, I thought.

That day, after the show, I was so disturbed thinking, what all things I have to respect and consider as God?

Anyway, that was 1993….

In 1996, one big fat computer with an internet connection came on my desk, inside my office cabin. It gave whatever information needed and not needed for a young single man, by clicking a button on a thing called the mouse.

With the help of the internet, I saw my favorite guitarist breaking and burning his guitar. I saw the guitarist who changed the course or revolutionized rock guitar playing, using the head of the guitar as a cigarette holder.  I saw the person who is considered as guitar God, standing on his guitar. I saw another guitar God, drinking and smoking while on the stage performing. He also keeps his cigarette on his guitar head!

Eddie-Van-Halen Frank Zappa Jimi Ritchie 1 Pete 1

clapton460_zpsff245735Slash Smoking

The best part is, except two from my favorite list (They are no more), all others are still living life king size, still performing and making millions….

Why should I respect the guitar amplifier? I would rather respect the creator who created this wonderful equipment.

Yes, taking care of an expensive amplifier and maintaining it well is understandable. But no way I can say sorry and ask for forgiveness to God, if my feet hit that amp or if I sat on it when I am tired!!!

I don’t know why some believe that whatever threatens our comfortable life, the health, source of income etc must be considered holy!

If heaven is so great, why are we afraid of death? If the life after death is so great,why are we afraid of anything on the earth? Including man-made instruments?




Now what will someone say to this  No.1 Tennis player in the world ? Will God punish her and spoil her career?







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  1. has given us everything we need to live a truly religious life through our knowledge of the One Who called us to share glory and goodness. In this way He has given us the very great and precious gifts He promised, so that by means of these gifts you may escape from the destructive lust that is in the world, and may come to share the divine nature . . . “

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