Another New year and my resolutions……

Wow! Feeling so good…. really happy. hmm….why? Because I broke 6 New Year resolutions in just 5 days!! Now only one more balance. The great 7th one.

7th one can be achieved I guess….i e, “I will stop going to Gym from 1st Jan 2016” .

Hmm…. The other 6, I cannot write coz I heard my wife is planning to buy a new stainless steel, sharp, long kitchen knife in Cochin.

To chop vegetables da…. (But why so sharp knife for vegetables? Scary. What if her New year resolution is to cut my tongue or some other body part if I try to explain how to make a Nariyal Chutney for Dosa? Yes “Nariyal”…. not Coconut or Thenga. There is a reason for writing that. Will explain later..)

Ever since I heard about that knife, I am thinking twice to go to Cochin. Dangerous dangerous.

Anyway, Flower my New Year resolution!

(Oh sorry…. you did not understand, right? ‘Flower’ means F#*K. So ‘Flower you’ means F#*K You.)

These are some of the things you learn if you have a teenage daughter, like mine… at home. 

( Now I wonder how many times she would be saying ‘Flower you’ ‘Flower you’ in her mind, each I ask her to study well or clean her room!).

 Okay okay. Enough of my stories. Hope you all are sticking to your New Year resolution and would result in becoming more healthy, wealthy, young and religious by next Dec’31st. All the best ………or ‘Flower’ the New year resolution and live life the way you want to!

PS: I remember reading somewhere….. “Insanity is hereditary, you can get it from your children”. Ah! you don’t believe me right? Why not google and learn about that…….

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