Slimming tip……..Try Horse Gram….. :)

Long before the internet came to our life, long before people started thinking being slim is cool and started to eat healthy, long before people started to say  ”I am a vegan” as a style statement and long before people started to kill others who ate beef…….I used to tell everyone about this miracle protein rich slimming thing called Horse gram.

No…no. I never knew about the health benefits or anything when I was 5 or 6; an age which I decided what all things I like to have for lunch and dinner. Like, fried chicken, dal, curd, fried fish, any kind of pickles and beef roast……. And of course, my favorite Horse Gram

(My daughter saw me writing about beef and warned me just now to delete what I wrote about beef because she is scared…….what if someone kills me after reading this?? Who cares… I love beef roast more than Palada Payasam!)

Coming back to horse gram, I lost count of people with whom I have shared the secret of staying slim.

I love to have Horse Gram with rice. Be it for lunch or dinner. When I was young, I even used to have it for breakfast. I hardly ate roti’s in my life. I always have rice.


Nowadays I am not able to have it for breakfast because kids need cornflakes, sandwich or upma or  puttu. So I also got used to it, but rice and cooked horse gram is always in our fridge. In case if I need…

Horse Gram is more popular in the South Indian states.  Called Muthira in Malayalam, Kollu  in Tamil, Ulavalu in Telugu and Kulthi in Hindi.(I am only sure about what they call in Malayalam and Tamil okay)

The health benefits of horse gram seem to be innumerable. There are plenty of articles about this and the recipes to cook, on the net.

This humble protein rich pulse crop has the ability to attack fatty tissue it seems. ..That’s all I care 😉

Some say horse gram is for the horse. Yes… this horse gram is also used as a cattle and horse feed because it gives strength and stamina! So what?

Don’t let all those talks discourage you because I have seen people giving banana’s for elephants. The place from where I eat Biryani in Koramamgala, the restaurant owner keeps some Biryani rice outside his restaurant for squirrel’s and crows!

Will that stop me from having banana or Biryani? Anyone going to tell me I should not eat peanuts because monkeys love it. Should I stop giving my kids carrot just because in cartoons, rabbits always eat carrots…..:)

So along with those morning walks and exercises, have horse gram at least 2 times a day with rice, curd and pickles. No need for roti’s. Try this for 3 months and I am sure you would find that your weight is reducing.

Don’t sue me after 3 months if you did not lose weight. Check what all you had in those 3 months because if you had fried food or dish made out of ghee and butter, ice creams, sweets etc., You lost the battle. Simple.

Horse gram is just one thing which helps to reduce weight. Another thing is self-control, will power to say no to sweets and fatty food. The other thing is regular exercise.

Oh….forgot! Start the day with one big glass of lime water and of course, with a big smile….

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