Mama Bear

Why am I thinking about bears today?

There are so many kinds or species of bears on this planet it seems. Sun bear, Polar bear, Panda bear, Sloth bear, Andean bears, Asiatic Black bear, Brown bear, North American bears….

Bear NThe reason why I thought about Bears is because I was thinking too much about “Bare Necessity” nowadays (bare bear beer…) grr…

Well, I am planning to take a break from teaching, a nice one-year sabbatical. So I am contemplating everything I need to survive for a year.

Now don’t laugh and ask me, “AGAIN?!?!”

Yeah, I can work only for 2 years. After that, I have to take a break and sit there doing nothing. Is that a problem? Not at all, at least for me…

But that is a big problem as far as my family is concerned because I am the main earning member and they do depend on my income!

So while thinking about bare necessities, my thoughts wandered and started to think about other ‘bears’ i know (which are not in the above-mentioned list).

Like, the Teddy bears, bears in the Stock Market, that bears in the cartoons and animated movies, and of course about some Mama bears who helped me to get up each time I failed in life…

Teddy bears are a cool tool for whoever is in love.  Anyone can afford it and it shows that you care about that person 🙂 A cheap alternative for a diamond ring or an expensive dinner. (No offences, please. You can give whatever you want to show how much you care. I can only afford a Teddy Bear!)

The only problem is, even though the initial investment in Teddy bear is less compared to other gifts, after giving that, there is a chance of becoming bankrupt; in some cases.

I gave a Teddy bear to a girl in 1998. Years later, I gave many teddy bears to her daughters also!

What is this? Let me explain… That girl became my wife and she gave birth to our daughters.

I never really understood what these Bulls and Bears do in a stock market! I messaged my friend about it because he has experience in shares. He hasn’t replied till date. Maybe he is busy and didn’t get a chance to read my FB message.

Anyway, after doing a course in cattle farming, I learned bulls are used to help farmers, good strong ones can be used for mating and producing strong offspring’s, and the weak ones can be given to the slaughter houses… But I’ve never thought they can be of use in the stock market!

And these bears, they are wild animals. I am scared of them. No way am I going to go near a stock market if bears are going to be inside! That is the reason why I have never invested in shares or mutual funds or whatever.

(As if I have surplus money to invest. I still hate that Charted Accountant for saying, “so this year also you don’t have to pay the tax”. He is heartless. He won’t understand my problem. Which is, I love to inform our government that like every year, this year also I did not earn anything. What is wrong in that?)

In cartoons, bears are sweet characters. I like them. In real life they are actually dangerous but in cartoons, the creators give them a nice character. I still don’t know why.

Why do they think that bears are like dolphins or pet dogs? Can they be used in search and rescue operations? I don’t think so! Or, who will ask a bear to babysit their kids?

Then there are Mama bears. They are real. I have experienced their love and care all my life. Something so unconditional, something that cannot be explained in words. One has to feel it to understand the depth of that love and care.

It is easy to check or find if someone’s got any Mama bears in their life. You will know when their hug gives you lot of strength to face the world. They are the ones who would help you to stand on your feet again, each time you fall (fail). They are the ones who would tell you that it is okay to make mistakes in life but learn from those mistakes and move on. They are the ones who can console you by saying, “don’t worry, things are going to be fine soon”. Hmm… And they are also not exactly slim 😉 (God… Now I am in serious trouble. I don’t think I can go home now because I don’t think I can answer the questions Rachel is going to ask!!)

Okay, back to bear. I am so blessed to have three to four Mama bears in my life. And that is the only reason why I am still standing after committing so many mistakes in life…… True!


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  1. Bears usually won’t attack humans but get between a mother bear and her cub, and she’ll tear straight through you . Threaten her children , and you are in for a world of hurt. Righteous awesomeness will ensue, and the heroine reclaims her child with a tearful embrace.

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