Tolerance in the Land of Confusion

Seems like, more and more people are getting killed in the name of God and religion. Bloggers in Bangladesh and other parts of the world getting killed for expressing their opinion? Why?

Is there a competition going on out there to prove which religion is superior? Why are some saying that following their belief  is the only way to go to heaven and stay with God?  Why can’t some be free thinkers and non-believers? What if they have no plans to go to heaven? What is our problem? Why can’t we accept others as the way they are? 

I have always been a God fearing man; till I was 41! 

Now I think I am changing. As I am getting older, I am getting convinced that man created God and invented religion or else why are they forcing and torturing people to believe in God and religion? Real God would never do that or ask his followers to do that. God is love. God is all about forgiveness, help, and care. That is what my understanding about God is.

Now it is like this, if I have started a business, I would definitely struggle and fight the competition to keep my business afloat at any cost. I am sure. So, is that what is happening in the case of religion today?

20 years ago, I happened to hear a conversation about how a church would have helped, had he been a member of the church. 

What happened was, wife of a person known to me passed away due to sickness in the Middle East. Bringing the body to India for the funeral was expensive. That day I heard people discussing how it would have been easy if he had a church membership and how the church would have helped him financially when he needed the most.

Made me really wonder, why can’t the church help him even after knowing that he belonged to that community or as a fellow human being?  

Yes, it is impossible for one church or temple or a mosque to help whoever in need in this world. They might not have that many resources. Agreed…but when they have got the resources, they must help without debating whether he is a member of this place of worship or not.

Whatever ones tradition and culture are, the war in the name of religion is not acceptable. Hurting people who don’t believe in a particular religion is not acceptable. Murdering people who voice their opinion on religion is not acceptable. Discriminating people on the basis of religion is not acceptable

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