Pocket full of miracles

I got a job as their Abu Dhabi branch manager in one for the biggest food items trading company in UAE in 2001.

There, my CEO would always end each conversation saying that it is all the blessing from  Amma (mother) and I kept agreeing with him thinking that it was his own biological mother he is referring to.

Later I came to know it was not his mother but a God woman he was referring to!

I have so much free time in my hand. I am not busy with anything really. So I  browse and read about each and every sect and cult figures. That became my favorite pass time since a computer with an internet connection came on my office table in 1997.

I have become so curious to know about their life of these spiritual leaders and we have so many in India.

There are some from other parts of the world too. We are really associated with many things that are alien to people in the west and they are using our things like yoga. I saw a cult and a radical figure of west wearing Indian clothes and talking about life and how not to become jealous.

I liked it but I am not going to practice it because it is too controversial; even to write. I really don’t want to do it to eradicate jealousy from my heart. My small town Indian upbringing does not allow me to do that particular exercise!  

I always wonder why people from so well educated and hard working background follow these God women and God men thinking they can do miracles in their life, job or business? Or is it a case where a sick person needDoctor to cure their troubles

Well, I have no problem in others becoming the followers of whoever. My family members are also believers of one saint. They say they get are getting many good things because of their belief. Then I say it is just because I am working hard to support the family, they get good things. For that they argue… because of their prayers I am able to do work and earn!

I stopped praying for myself and for my family ‘needs’ long back. I don’t pray to get me out of trouble. Those things I think I must take care myself. I am not going to bribe God to get me out of problems and to have a smooth sailing. I am also not going to pray to give me good health after eating oily food and sweets or after not having enough fruits and vegetables or after not exercising daily for minimum 45 minutes!

Another confusing thing, is there no value for scientific facts at all? Are scientific facts all lies and rubbish? Why do we depend so much on miracles to happen instead of working hard and becoming more creative?

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