One Wedding and Two Funerals!

Last week I happened to read something in the newspaper. It was written by one of the famous psychiatrists in Bangalore. I know this Doctor.  I had gone to this doctor 6 years ago to cure my obsessive love for whiskey and mild depression due to continuous consumption of this holy water.

I never really liked him because he always asked me to work hard on my career and talents instead of wasting time and money on my life-saving tonic, the whiskey.

Like everyone, I also don’t like someone telling me that I am wasting my time and I am not working hard. So I have a valid reason to hate him; even though I knew he was right in saying that I am not working hard enough.

Anyway, what he wrote in the newspaper was that in India people have started to accept love marriages. The freedom to choose a life partner for a boy and girl is there today but there is still no freedom to divorce! Our society is not that advanced or matured to accept divorce like they are accepted in other places.

It really made sense. 

Recently, there is much news coming in the papers about murders and the root cause behind the most killing is that because there was an extramarital affair or money matters.

While discussing all these, one of my  friend asked me what is the need to kill someone? Why couldn’t they get divorced and after that marry someone else?

It is not easy. Getting a divorce in India is not at all easy. Getting married is so easy compared to getting divorced. 

Our society loves to see a couple go through miserable loveless marriage than getting them divorced and letting them move on with their life.

It seems like parents are okay even if they see their daughters getting abused and killed by their husband than seeing them divorced! All in the name of false family pride and tradition.

Love can change. Feelings can change. That is a fact.

As more and more people started getting educated and started traveling around the globe, they are exposed to different cultures and traditions. Our new generation is seeing the realities of life in a different light than people of the older generation. 

The only difference between other places where they have freedom to divorce or break a relationship and our society is, they realized decades ago that everything changes and there is life, even after a broken heart.

We will also realize all these realities soon. But before realizing, we will have to witness the murders of many more daughters. It is inevitable. Sad but true.

I never heard about exit interviews while I was working in big companies, decades ago. Now it seems like it is so common.

If there is no more loyalty or love, allow them to part ways amicably. Better for all….in the long run.

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