Is there a magical wand or at least some magical mantras to play Guitar?

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No. Just few simple rules:

Consistency.To develop as a guitarist, one has to practice minimum 1 hour daily (No limit for maximum number of hours) regularly. One must work on the problem areas. Always practice with a metronome. Once that is done the other main area is social skills.

Try to be unique. Why try to become someone else? Try to develop you own sound with whatever equipment you got right now.

Set realistic goals and should know what you want to become. Practicing Guitar means sacrificing many other things like missing you favorite TV show or hanging out with friends. That is a small price we pay to enjoy the joy which music gives us till the end of our life.

Realistic goals means, it will take some years of practicing before we are able to play a song we like, completely (Lead and Rhythm parts). It takes years to understand the concept of Music theory and how chords work etc. One must have a practice plan. There are many books written on the practice process. Read as much as you can. Read the interviews of your favorite players. Who all were their influences while they were growing up. What kind of music they listened to etc.

There are no real short cuts to become a good Guitarist. I have seen interviews of many great Guitar players and in the end most of the time they will be asked “any message for your fans”. And their reply is always Practice, Practice and more Practice.

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