I am a beginner, why buy expensive guitar?

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Please buy the best possible equipment you can afford. Don’t settle for a cheaper one, just because your relatives or neighbor told you that you can upgrade later once you have completely master Guitar. Chances are that, because the tone of the Guitar and the action of strings were not good on the current Guitar,you got bored playing music altogether! It can happen. It always happens!

Nobody buys a Mobile phone less than Rs 12,000 or Rs.15,000 nowadays. And they hardly use it for 2 years. Then why buy cheap Guitar?

If you want to become good at playing Guitar, you have to take music seriously. Just like any other profession or anything we want to be good at, we need to spend years learning it and spend money to learn the trade and own the equipment.  We are willing to spend huge amounts on college admission and fees for a professional course plus minimum 4-5 years’ time right? Same way, for music also we need to spend enough time and money.

PS: A good tone inspires you to practice more.

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