How to start learning guitar?

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Get a good Guitar teacher! Well, who is a good Guitar teacher anyway?   One thing to remember here is that not all great Guitarists become a good teacher automatically. Because playing and teaching are two different set of skills. There are indeed two types of people,Great Guitarists and Good teachers.    A good teacher is someone who can inspire you, motivate you to practice, who can show you exercises and methods to develop your weak areas in playing and in theory and develop you as a creative exciting player.

Common mistake is to compare a teachers playing ability, commercial success with his teaching skills. This is very wrong. Get a teacher who can tell you your weak areas and help you to develop as a better musician.

For example, Sachin Tandulkar had a coach till the day he retired. Virat Kohil will have a coach till the day he retired. Do they need someone to tell them what to do? Does any of their coaches have the kind of batting records they have? Then why are they obeying their coaches still? They still respect their coach and listen to what he suggests to do on a daily basis. When the coach asks to play in a particular way, they don’t quest him and ask him for his batting records or how many centuries have he scored in One day internationals or in tests right? They listen because they know the coach is right and he can help them to perform better in every match.

It is like, in Bangalore I know so many people who earns much more than their 50-60 year old Engineering College lectures. Does that make the students smarter than the teacher? You decide.

Last but not least, I really don’t know a full time professional musician who learnt Guitar only through YouTube.  If that was so easy, how come not many are there making a living with Guitar by learning through YouTube only? And there is nothing called 100% self taught. Someone might have shown something or the player must have seen some other guitarists doing that and copied him.

Always remember, the people who show things on YouTube, their Music theory and fundamentals are so strong and 99% of them have gone to a teacher and learned the Guitar the hard way. To reach a standard to up load a 5 minutes video, they must have practiced for years, sitting alone in their house!!!

One hour spent with a Guitar teacher is worth more than months spent trying to learn a 5 minutes thing from YouTube.

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