Do I need to follow a strict regime to play guitar?

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Always keep in mind that creative pursuits require solitude. You have to sit alone and practice while others are going for a movie or to a club or a vacation. And it is also a lifelong work; this practice. There is no way one could say “enough, now I know to play the Guitar so let me stop practicing”. Your fingers have to be always in shape to play the things you want to play. So it is a daily work till the day you decide that you are not going to play guitar anymore!

I compare it with my gym workout. I have been going to gym since I was 18. That was 24 years back. I still go. I also take breaks in between. One month here, two months there….. not very regular now a days and I find my body is not fit as it used to be when I was going regularly.  The moment I stop going to gym, all muscles vanish without a notice! Forget about that, one day I calculated the amount of money I paid every month so far and I nearly fainted. Because I am nowhere near our Bollywood stars or other men I see in pictures in magazines, after spending so much money. Is that the mistake of my gym or the trainer? No. I did not show up regularly and did not follow his diet plan. How can I blame him? Yes, his diet plan is expensive but if I want to get that kind of a body I better be willing to listen to what he says, right?  As simple as that! Or else I will be telling my grandchildren in next 10 years’ time that I used to go to gym….yeah . But in reality, I don’t have anything to show them as proof.

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