Broken Arrows

6-7 years ago a friend of mine gave a big lecture on how one’s life will be spoiled if one gets divorced. How it would affect the life of children.

She gave a real life example of a son of a famous movie director who got dragged into the 26/11 Mumbai attacks.

According to her, the kids from broken marriages would get into so many troubles and their life could get spoiled. That is the reason why that particular boy got into bad company and got involved with bad people!

Well, if that is the case, then I know at least two most powerful Presidents of the most advanced country on this planet who came from broken families.

I know many world famous artists who made a difference in their chosen field of arts, who came from broken families.

How is that possible, an average person in our country thinks kids from a broken family is not going to succeed?

It all depends on kids. Emotionally smart and strong kids don’t really need anyone or anything other than a place to stay and 3 meals a day. Rest they will take care. That is the truth.

Weak kids complain and blame their situation and blame others for their failures and there are so many jobless equally weak people to sympathize with them.

I meet lot of students from different walks of life in a week. Some kids love to complain and are really creative in making up excuses for not working hard.

Some are bold enough to admit that they just did not do their homework. No excuses. Deep down I know those kids are going to be really good in their career. They know that they just did not work hard. No matter what the reason isPeriod.

How long is one going to complain about the broken family and lack of resources for their failure? Sooner or later they would realize that they did not utilize the resources they had and they wasted their time thinking about things they did not have.

Only cowards do that. That is the truth.

Well, today, after 6-7 years after that girl friend of mine gave me a lecture of how the life of kids from broken families go to the drains, I see that same film director’s daughter becoming the darling of India through her cute innocent acting.

How is that possible??? 

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