Ban the Ban

Beef Ban, Meat Ban, Alcohol Ban , Maggie Ban, Night Life Ban, Smoking ban, Loud Music Ban, Marijuana Ban, Porn sites Ban,  Short Skirt Ban, Jeans Ban, Kissing in public place Ban, Lovers holding hands in parks Ban,  Valentine’s day Ban, Fashion Show ban,  Dating Ban, Ban Sunny Leone !

In late 80’s, many wanted to ban computers saying it would take away the jobs of humans!

The funny part is, sooner or later we are going to accept all these. Then what is the need for all these dramas?

It is like….. in the mid 80’s I have heard elders saying, Maruti is not going to succeed in India because of our roads. Only Ambassador cars are good for Indian roads. That was 30 years ago. Now, where are Ambassador cars? Today, I am seeing Porsche’s , Ferraris and Lamborghini’s with low road clearance, on our same old roads!

Dont hate

Okay, I want to ban Dowry or taking wife’s share she got from her home, giving the family share to children, the sale of sugar, chocolates, sweets including ladoo, ice creams , fried samosas, vada, Ghee roast , ghee rice. in short, Oil and all fried things!

Why? Because I don’t like all the things that I wanted to ban.

Anyway, I feel it is all convenience of the people who protest. So why can’t I ask to ban all that? Simple!

For example…..

I have no problem with the things I wrote in the first paragraph. So I have no problem in others doing it or enjoying it. So, no need to ban.

On the other hand, I hate chocolates and sweets. I hate everything made in oil and ghee. I feel really cool to have the same waist size and shirt size to wear since I was in college; 25 years ago. I hate to see my friends and college mates looking fat and wearing big size clothes. So it is very convenient for me to say, others also should stop having sweets and fried food and it is bad for health.

Well, in a way it should be banned because I know more people who died of complications due to cholesterol, sugar and heart attacks than people who died of complications happened after kissing in public or watching porn or wearing short skirts and jeans or after having Maggie for dinner!

Then, I definitely want to ban dowry, jewelry from wife house or like they call it now a day’s’, ‘ girls family share or gift from girls parents’ because I have never taken or got this thing called dowry or gift or whatever and nothing really happened to me; even after 17 years of marriage.

So it is easy for me to ban it. That ban will definitely help because I have 2 daughters! And my friends and relatives always remind me that I have 2 daughters, so I have to work hard and have to be very responsible  and save as much money I can for their marriage 🙁 .  If that dowry ban is there, I could go to a country where the marijuana is not banned, like Holland or some states in US and have a nice time without really worrying about my kids marriage and their dowry or share money. Why not? I want to experience how it would be after smoking pot or after doing drugs :).

So it is my convenience. Some might say, after reading this, that I am jealous because I did not get it or was stupid not to take anything from wife’s house.

This is exactly what I am also feeling when some people hate seeing others eating meat or put the restriction on many things. They are all ‘JEALOUS’! Because they could not enjoy all these simple pleasures of life and now they can’t accept the fact that others enjoy all these things, when they sacrificed many things in their life……in the name of tradition, religion and what society thinks.

Now some people might say that our tradition is different and other things are the bad influence on our society.  But then, we gave Kama sutra to the world. Did we spoil others with Kama sutra?

I respect religious sentiments. But then, I observe lent. Those 50 days I don’t have dairy products or non-veg food. Can all who observe serious lent ask to ban milk and non-veg products on market for 50 days?? It is just for 50 days. Nothing is going to happen if one does not drink milk for 50 days in a year yaar!

Get a life! Live and let live… what is our problem if someone is eating beef? What is our problem if someone is enjoying watching porn in his house or if he is having a drink?

Heard about war crimes? What is going on in Iraq and Syria? Refugee crisis in Europe because of the unrest in the Middle East and Human rights violations going around? How Indian labourers are treated in the Middle East? Their living conditions? Why can’t we do something about it, instead of worrying about silly things? They are humans too….

Anyways, let our traditional Saree make a comeback. Let everyone wear saree. Hope no one bans it. Girls look so pretty, tall and attractive in saree 😉 ! (I always thought that it was more of a sexy outfit. Exposes more than jeans and top? Hmm… maybe I am wrong)

Is it Saree or Sari?


PS: I met a beautiful middle aged lady on the train last year. She had come to Bangalore to stay with her daughter who is working in an  IT company.  Her late husband was the one of the leader of the party who wanted to ban computers and MNC’s in our state!!

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