50 Shades of censor board

“India joins countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Kenya in banning the $400 million-plus grossing film”.

Conservative India follows Malaysia, Kenya, Indonesia and several countries in the Middle East in banning Sam Taylor-Johnson’s big screen adaptation of EL James’s bestselling erotica.”

Since the trailer of 50 shades of grey came out early this year, I badly wanted to watch it.

50 shades of grey

Initially I was really happy to see the ‘releasing soon’ posters of the movie in our multiplex but soon that happiness started to diminish when it started to come in newspapers and on the net that it is not going to release in India because it is too erotic and the explicit sexual content can offend many here.

Then my urge to watch the movie at any cost became so high. As usual, the DVD copies started to circulate in the market and one day I bought the DVD and watched it.

I never felt anything unusual or distasteful in that movie. It is all that a normal human being would sit and fantasize in the privacy of his or her four walls. It was shot aesthetically and is a technical brilliant. Love making scenes were done tastefully and I was wondering what is wrong in that.

Well, it is not a great untold story or something. At times, it is painful too to watch what is happening to both the characters…… . It is not a world classic either but it was nice time pass movie.

Overall, what is there to get offended watching a movie? People who don’t like, don’t watch. Let others watch. I really don’t think movies are going to influence society at large.

Did anyone become like Mahatma Gandhi after watching Attenborough’s Gandhi? Did anyone become like Jesus after watching Jesus of Nazareth?  

Another thing which I am not comfortable is, all these bans on arts and creative freedom make me think that we Indians are not matured to understand what is fiction, what is art, what is reality etc.

At the same time, citizens of other nations are allowed to watch all these publicly and make movies without any fear. Means they are matured enough to understand reality and it is not going to affect them!

Hmm……may be I am wrong. Films do influence people. Otherwise, I see no other reason why some people take law in their hands and hit others, verbally abuse others publicly. I see that almost every day on the streets of this city. For example road rage!

I have lived abroad and never seen such fights on the roads. Ever! I have got involved in many accidents. No one questioned me. If an accident happens, we call the traffic police. He comes and writes a report. Gives one copy each to both the parties. Both of them can take the report to their respective insurance companies and the insurance company suggests which workshop to take the vehicle and repair the damage.

Whereas here, first, there will be a fight between both the drivers. Then the public would interfere. They settle the dispute by asking one of the drivers to pay the other driver so and so amount. Wow! Then why the need for vehicle insurance in India?

So my point is…..it all comes from our masala movies where the hero takes law in his hands…..all the time. Why is it acceptable?Isn’t that the one which is giving the audience a wrong message? Why is our hero abusing and challenging police and politicians?

That is one thing I have never seen in a western movie. They might show love making scenes and nudity but they don’t insult police officers and laws there. At least in the movies…

Watching an erotic romantic movie is any day better than  watching our own Masala movies where they show that the hero of the movie has got no respect for the Law of the land; he just takes everything in his hands and insults the police and the judiciary systems. Why is censor board allowing that? 

PS: They are going to make the second part of 50 shades of grey while some people sit and debate how bad the first one was!

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