25 years and still searching…

I used to be this boy of stubborn principals and moral values. I used to have a bit of ‘OCPD’. Not ‘OCD’. What is OCPD? Check Wikipedia.

Well, traces of OCPD is still there 😉

I wanted perfection. I hated mediocrity. In pursuit of perfection, I wasted many years and missed many opportunities to enjoy the process of living and creating..as they say.

I think it all came from many unwanted moral beliefs that society, our old films, and our elders fed me when I was growing up.

I think the only thing I never believed while growing up in a small town is that I don’t have to remain a virgin till I get married! (That is a long story…)

But as one grows up and travels around, he might realize that not everything what they say is true.

At 18, in one of many arguments or discussions that I used to have about life in general with my guitar teacherI was talking about God and moral values and he asked me which culture, music or country I like?

Obviously, I told it was the USA. For that he told they don’t have values and beliefs like we have but how come they are good in everything? To an extent that everyone on this planet wants to go to US and live or work there? Everyone in this world love movies or music made in the US why?

How come they are so great in whatever they do when they have low moral and family values? How come a nation with only a couple of century’s tradition became a super power? How come a president from that country becomes the most powerful person on this planet?

We blame about British rule etc. as a reason for not becoming a super power. Then what about Japan? They were defeated and bombed with the most powerful bomb that was ever created! Still they became one of the most prosperous and powerful nation.

What about Germany? Nothing happened after Hitler’s rule or the defeat of the coalition army in the second world war!

Germany and Japan were destroyed just a couple of years before we got our independence but how many times recently I have heard people saying that their son or granddaughter is studying in Germany for engineering?

What is wrong with our educational system that students want to go to the West and learn? 

I still teach the songs to students in my Guitar class…. created by people who are in the west. The creators of the songs requested by most of my students have had multiple live-in partners, have used drugs, divorced many times, addicted to alcohol, come from broken families. Still they create things which are so unique and great that people around the world love. How come?

When I look around…….in my house or room, most of the things I use are designed by the people in the west. Each and everything! Each and every program I use in my laptop is designed by them. Yeah….some IT workers from India might have worked on that project.. Great! But the end of the day, the brain was theirs!

So I am really confused. I still did not get the answer for the question asked by my beloved guitar teacher. Even after 25 years. 

If our marriage practice, family values, eating habits, moral values, tradition, fear of God, culture and everything is so superior, why are we in awe of the west? Why are we still a nation of snake charmers and followers for them? Why are we still one of the leading supplier of workers or laborers for the advanced and rich countries?

Is there something wrong in our thinking or are we just programmed to follow what other do or create? Why did Carl Lewis come here and say something like “You must be kidding me! Out of more than one billion people in India, you cannot find one fastest man in the world”?

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