Finding Nemo, Finding Tuition Teacher

Nemo’s  relationship or friendship or whatever ‘ship’, with my family started in 2003. But have to admit that we never had a smooth sailing so far. He is still troubling me. It’s been 12 years

He never grows up. Normally, if he was born in 2003, He must be 12 years old by now, and matured. My daughter was 2 years that time. She is 14 now. So my calculation is correct. Unless he had gone to another planet like in that movie Interstellar.

I am really confused after watching that movie.Interstellar. Hero is still same age, his daughter became very old…… God! No no. Cartoons are better. Don’t blame me. Ask any 42-year-olds. They would say Tom and Jerry is better. I watched that movie after listening to my students. One of them got married soon after recommending that movie. Reasons, Unknown! He is only 27. I want to meet him when he is 42 and tell him Interstellar- 2 has released, want to watch? He would run away. I am sure. Okay….no offenses. That was a nice movie and the best part is the Indian Company who did the visual effects got an Oscar!

Coming back to my life, In 2003, this Nemo movie got released and had a hard time finding a DVD of Finding Nemo. I would have even gone to Alaska to get that DVD, after learning what it can do for the growth of my kid and for the peace of mind of her mother and our neighbor.  So no way I am going to leave that DVD.

Why? How can Nemo help? Valid question…

Kids grow when they eat well. right?  And my daughter wants to watch TV while eating. Cartoons help.  For me, any new cartoon or animation movies were like ‘Manna from heaven’ those days.

‘Growth’ means, increase in body weight. Nothing to do with brains or way of thinking! I never believed in kids going through drills to improve their way of thinking or the growth of the brain. My worry then and now is body weight. Difference is, then, it was for not eating properly and now for eating more than required…..

So Nemo came to my house on a DVD.

Nemo’s family and friends busy finding Nemo in the movie and my wife’s hand busy finding the way to stuff food in my daughter’s mouth.

And  after a week, it became a nightmare for me. I was this young 30-year-old busy Manager those days and I walk home every day tired, only to hear Nemo stories. It became irritating after a while. I missed watching my Favorite programs ‘The weakest link’, ‘Sex in the city’ and VH1 because Nemo was playing all the time.

That was the time I wished I want to be like that single writer, Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City and stay alone. (Later, she also got married)

The thoughts of running away from home, creating a new identity, becoming a witness and preach, advice, counsel everyone not to gets married or have kids, ban marriage……..what not, all crossed my mind those days.

But luckily Teletubbies came to my rescue within weeks. One day my wife was searching all the channels and stumbled on one and she discovered these beautiful creatures in a program called Teletubbies.

So Exit Nemo. Enter Teletubbies. On TV and in the form of Lala Doll in my bedroom!

This same pattern continued; one week of Teletubbies then next week something else. In any case, our Babysitter, Ms.TV was always busy and I kept missing my favorite programs.

Time heals everything they say. I also forgot Nemo and the things he did to me in 2003.

In 2013, we were blessed with one more daughter.

Elder daughter grew up. She is a teenager. Hardly watches TV now. More interested in reading than playing or watching TV. And much more interested in chatting on skype or WhatsApp than reading, at times.

For one month, my wife was on a mission to find a suitable tuition teacher for Mathematics for her who is in 9th Std .

My wife grilled, interrogated and auditioned many for that role. Like Farah Khan does for her new movie.

Days passed, nothing happened. She searched all over the area we stay and still did not get find anyone good teacher, according to her.


  • The road/way to one tuition class is very narrow and not well lit.
  • At one place, the classroom is on the 2nd floor of one teacher’s house.
  • Some other place, the teacher looked like a Villain in movies.
  • One place they are very strict and they punish kids if they do not do homework.
  • One place they take according to their wish, not in an order or structure which is followed in school.

So I told ‘fine’, her call….. She is the Boss!

This new generation mom’s think their kids are these creatures from Venus and everyone else out there is criminals and waiting for a chance to destroy kids! I don’t remember my Dad or Mom meeting my or my sister’s tuition teachers, school teachers or any of my music teachers. We both had the freedom to decide what is that we want in life. One day,  I told my parents I am going  to learn guitar and told them I found a teacher. That is it. They neither encouraged or discouraged. Dad said something like……”yeah, teenage troubles started, maybe he want to shine in front of others and get girls”! And I told myself,”why girls? I already have a girlfriend my dear Dad”.

From 8th Std, my parents never interfered in my studies or in the choices I made in my life. So whenever I see parents of 13 year and above kids coming along to introduce me to take classes for them, I think about my childhood. I had a fire in my belly. I would have traveled anywhere alone, to learn guitar. I would have run away from home to master this instrument (eventually I did that). I had enough marks to get into science stream like others but I choose commerce. I went to college only to form a band and participate in University competitions.

I did exactly that. I got noticed and my career as a musician started at St. Thomas college. Whatever I have is because of a piece of wood and 6 strings attached to it; the thing we call a guitar.

I wish more and more kids had the courage to say strongly what they want in life. I wish my daughter had little more courage to tell her mother where she wanted to go for tuition!

By the way, there are so many kids of my daughter’s age studying at those places she rejected. Then why can’t my daughter study there? What is so special about my daughter? They say times have changed!

Nothing has changed really. New generation parents have no idea about how it was in a joint family set up and the times we all had huge houses and relatives and friends coming and staying all the time and no one had time to check every minute what kids were doing.

That is a long story….

Finally, the search ended few days back when my next door neighbor, a young housewife from Andhra Pradesh agreed to take math’s tuition for my daughter. Her husband works in a Bank. So I guess her search for a tuition teacher is over for this year.

Things were going smoothly at home until the night my younger daughter who is 2 years old now showed me her new friend. I nearly got a heart attack seeing her friend. It was that Nemo! She got it when she had gone to visit some Church with her sister and mother; It was a Church festival day. She forced them to buy her Nemo it seems.

2 year old means a time to discover Nemo by any chance?

So Nemo is back in my house. Same face. Same troubles. Only his body color changed over the years. She plays with Nemo all the time. Sometimes Nemo goes missing (She would keep it in some other room or put it somewhere) and it is the duty of her sister, mother, and grandmother to find Nemo.

Sometimes when she wakes up, Nemo will be missing because my wife might keep Nemo somewhere to make space on the bed and forgets where she kept it……

Finding Nemo time…….

Have a nice day!


After reading what I wrote my beloved wife told me that the current tuition teacher is not just a housewife but also a BITS Pilani Engineering Graduate!!! And what I wrote is correct because she did not like the whole setup of other tuition teachers and tuition centers! Wow…now her decision to send my daughter to that housewife…Opps! BITS Pilani graduate is justified. Poor me… whatever it is, I have to pay more now. Tuition centers were way cheaper 🙁 

Wife, Boss, and Customers always right!

Wife also told me to save money to buy T-shirts and toys of DORA. Because my younger one is showing symptoms of liking towards Dora today. Who is Dora?


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